November 2008 – December 2009
Tajikistan, Department for Civil Service Affairs
Support to Civil Service Reform and Good Governance
Name of client:
Origin of funding:
Project value:
Name of partners:
Department for Civil Service Affairs under the President of Tajikistan
European Commission, EuropeAid
€ 750.000
Haus, B&S

Services provided:
  • Project management and leadership of consortium
  • Provision of team leader, two key experts and short-term experts
  • Policy advice on civil service reform and assistance in legislative drafting
  • Recommendations on Regulatory Impact Assessment
  • Recommendations to improve the organisational framework of the civil service
  • Development of curricula on selected topics of civil service reform
  • Delivery of training to civil servants and civil service trainers
  • Assistance to the new Chair of HRM at the Institute of Improving the Qualifications of Civil Servants
  • Assistance to four regional departments of the department of civil service affairs
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Organisation of study tours to selected countries
  • Publication of new textbook on HRM
  • Development of CD/DVD with interactive training module on public service integrity and ethics.
Description of project
A major technical assistance project to make the public administration more effective, reliable, transparent, accountable, ethical and professional by developing the capacity of the Department for Civil Service Affairs (DCSA) and the Institute for Improving the Qualifications of Civil Servants (IIQCS) under the President of Tajikistan for implementing and monitoring civil service reform, stimulating a dialogue with civil society through public consultation and training civil servants on professional integrity. 

The project is organised in three components:
  • Civil service reform – monitoring & legislation – to implement the CS Master Plan and monitor CS performance, including the development of new initiatives such as E-Government and Regulatory Impact Assessment, enforcement measures for improving civil service integrity, and a Quarterly Reporting Mechanism
  • Public consultation – development & training – to introduce more transparency in the civil service and stimulate a dialogue with civil society, including training, information campaigns, two pilot studies and various publications
  • Professional integrity – training & roll-out – to provide training to public servants on professional ethics and integrity, including pilot trainings, training of trainers, the development of an interactive CD or DVD and the dissemination of a new HRM textbooks and an updated civil service reference book.
Expected results:
  • Recommendations to improve CS organisational framework and HR practices,implement the Code of Ethics and introduce RIA and public consultation mechanisms
  • Civil servants and trainers trained in monitoring legislation, public consultation and ethics
  • New curriculum developed for IIQCS to improve the qualifications of civil servants
  • Comparative study, methodology and guidelines on public consultation
  • Publication of new HRM textbook and updated civil service reference book
  • Quarterly reviews of civil service reform, public consultation and integrity circulated & discussed.
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