January 2009 – December 2010
Kyrgyz Republic, Government Office
Support to Civil Service Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic
Name of client:
Origin of funding:
Project value:
Name of partners:
Government Office
European Commission, EuropeAid
€ 1.290.000
Haus, WYG International, CPM Consulting

Services provided:
  • Project management and leadership of consortium
  • Provision of team leader, one key expert and short-term experts
  • Comparative studies on HRM, diversity and services
  • Policy advice on codes of conduct for civil servants
  • Delivery of training to civil servants and civil service trainers
  • Advice on civil service training, curricula development and promotion of gender equality
  • Development of training modules and training of trainers
  • Development of HRM manuals and guidelines
  • Publication of project newsletters, website and CD-roms
  • Masterclasses for young professionals
  • SStudy tours to selected countries on HRM, state secretaries and services
  • Organisation of project conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Organisation of internships.
Description of project
This project seeks to assist the Government Office of the Kyrgyz Republic in modernising its public administration, including structural reforms, and ohter measures designed to promote the transparent, efficient and equitable delivery of high-quality, cost-effectie and affordable public services to its citizens, in accordance wtih the strategic objectives of the Country Development strategy, the EC Food Security Programme, the Medium-Term Budget Framework and the National Plan on Gender Equality.

The project is organised in three components:
  • Organisational development: to develop and test model policies, structures,regulations, standards and procedures for improving the quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer responsiveness of selected public services;
  • HRM and institutional development: to build the capacity of the Government Office (GO) and the Civil Service Agency(CSA) to manage human resources, promote gender equality, manage change, promote good conduct and decentralise service delivery;
  • Roll-out and capacity development: to manage a co-ordinated action plan for the roll-out of results across central and local government, including capacity-building in policy development and change management.
Its specific purposes are:
  • to improve performance of public policy and management
  • to recommend viable models for decentralisation in two pilot ministries
  • to improve communications with citizens on services
  • to promote efficient and honest performance of civil servants, including improved remuneration
  • to reform HRM policy, including gender equality
  • to roll-out the results of pilot reforms
  • to build the capacity of central bodies to co-ordinate the implementation of reforms across government
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