January 2004 - March 2007
Russia, Presidential Administration
Public Administration and Civil Service Reform Project
Name of client:

Origin of funding:
Project value:
Name of partners:
Presidential Administration, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Health and Social Development, Ministry of Agriculture
Department of International Development (DFID), UK Government
£ 3.200.000
OPM (contractor), FBK (Russia)

Services provided:
  • Provision of project director, key experts and short-term experts
  • Policy advice and assistance in legislative drafting
  • Structural and functional reviews for selected government bodies (ministries,agencies, services)
  • Provision of comparative studies of international best practice in selected topics
  • Assistance with the introduction of performance budgeting and performance management in ministries, agencies and regional adminsitrations
  • Recommendations to improve HRM policies, grading systems and civil service employment practices
  • Pilot projects to illustrate operational best practice
  • Workshops, master classes and conferences
  • Study tours to Western European countries.
Description of project
A major, three-year project designed to assist the Government of the Russian Federation in improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of its public administration and civil service by developing and implementing reform programmes and initiatives. 

The project is organised in three components:
  • Organisational design - improving the performance, transparency andaccountability of Russia's public administration by rationalising the system of federal executive bodies and streamlining management processes.  
  • Human resource management - improving public service performance by developing a merit-based HRM policy, an ethical and service-oriented culture and performance-related pay.
  • Financial management - enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of public expenditure by modernising service planning and budgeting, financialmanagement, accounting and control systems, and processes andprocedures. 
Outputs include written and oral presentations, study tours, seminars and workshops. Personnel audit, performance budgeting and management, HR organisations with functional and personnel aspects have all been introduced to Ministries, agencies, and pilot regions.

Support to MEDT, involves support and preparation for the new budget process, value for money, change management as well as work in pilot ministries and regions.

Support to MHSD includes performance assessment (criteria, processes, methods) and civil service pay and benefits.

Support to the Government Commission on Administrative Reform included a draft regulation on Regulatory Impact Assessment mandatory for all executive bodies.

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