"Goverment reform is seldom the comfortable linear model some academics would like us to believe. Rather, it is by nature somewhat chaotic."
EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Final project conference, Kiev
Kyrgyz Republic, Government Office of the Kyrgyz Republic  Support to Civil Service Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic Russia, Perm, Office of the Ombudsman of Perm Krai Expanding Space for Accountability and Civic Activism at the Local Level
This project seeks to assist the Government Office of the Kyrgyz Republic in modernising its public administration, including structural..   A project supporting the Office of the Ombudsman of Perm Krai in guaranteeing the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens… 
Russia, Presidential Administration and Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Public Administration and Civil Service Reform Project Kazakhstan, Agency for Civil Service Affairs (ACSA) Support to the Development of Standards for Civil Service Provision
A major, three-year project designed to assist the Government of the Russian Federation in improving the operational efficiency…   Major project aimed to support the Government of Kazakhstan to develope performance standards and indicators for selected…