"Goverment reform is seldom the comfortable linear model some academics would like us to believe. Rather, it is by nature somewhat chaotic."
EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Final project conference, Kiev
Tajikistan, Department of Civil Service Affairs under the President of Tajikistan Support to Civil Service Reform and Good Governance Uzbekistan, Cabinet of Ministers and Presidential Administration Strengthening of Government Administration and Assistance to the Civil Service
A major technical assistance project to make the public administration more effective, reliable, transparent, accountable, ethical…   Consortium leader of a major project on the development of a coherent and comprehensive strategy for implementing… 
Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers Support to the Reform of the Government and Central Organs of Executive Power Kazakhstan, Agency for Civil Service Affairs (ACSA) Support to the Development of Standards for Civil Service Provision
A major, complex project on implementing administrative reform through the provision of inter-active policy advice, operational…   Major project aimed to support the Government of Kazakhstan to develope performance standards and indicators for selected services…